Published: 14th April 2011
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Garden City, NY- April 3, 2011 - At a time when banks are closing their doors to small business loans, United Capital Source (UCS) (www.unitedcapitalsource.com) emerges as an alternative to those small business owners that are in need of business capital to fund their professional ventures.

Last year alone Jared Weitz, CEO, loaned $40 million to small- and medium-sized companies and in 2009 he loaned $27 million to small businesses. Mr. Weitz has a lot of experience in this industry; he is directly responsible for loaning $75 to $80 million throughout his whole career. Contrary to other lending services, UCS doesn't just do merchant cash advance, they also do unsecured loans, peer-to-peer lending, as well as commercial and real estate lending.

"We are excited about the opportunities that are presenting themselves in the small- to mid-sized business finance industry," said Mr. Weitz. "While banks have loosened up a little, their requirements are still very strict. Most small- to mid-sized businesses are still faced with challenges with securing funds. In contrast, United Capital Source is providing more financing than ever. We are already on pace to see a 35 percent jump in our funding from last month alone."

UCS is known for taking their customer’s needs and well being into consideration and they require minimal documentation. They make it easy for anyone to apply for small business funding, even those with bad credit are welcome. Businesses receive their approvals in less than a week’s time, and all clients are assigned to a direct contact representative, who will be responsible for their account. Clients who borrow with UCS will never have to wait on hold for assistance.

With UCS, clients can even cash in on their popularity: For every person you refer, who gets financing, you will receive up to $500 just for referring them. Another perk clients can take advantage of is the UCS challenge; if UCS can’t offer a better deal than what the client is getting elsewhere, the client gets awarded $100.

About United Capital Source:
United Capital Source (UCS), located in Garden City, New York, was born as an alternative to traditional bank loans for small business. UCS has been serving clients throughout the country for some time, some being through independent agents/brokers, financial institutions, and some online. Known for providing funding for bad credit, with UCS there are no personal guarantees or collateral necessary and there are also no restrictions on how to spend the money, which allows you to raise your business hassle free. For more information, visit www.UnitedCapitalSource.com.

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